The Constitutional Court has a variety of functions and procedures to execute:

  • Finanzklagen und Staatshaftungsklagen nach Art. 137 B-VG (financial cases)
  • Kompetenzfeststellungen (competence cases)
  • Verordnungsprüfungen (examination of ordinances)
  • Gesetzesprüfungen (examination of laws)
  • Prüfung von Wahlen und Volksabstimmungen (challenge of voting results)
  • Bescheidbeschwerden wegen Grundrechtsverletzungen (applications for violations of constitutional rights)
  • Asylbeschwerden (asylum cases)
  • An intervention before the Constitutional Court is particularly effective, but also particularly difficult and therefore needs special expertise.

    Dr. Weh has acted repeatedly in all these fields and has quite often successfully appealed to the Constitutional Court (List). Mag. Harg is frequently acting before the Constitutional Court in his fields of specialisation.

    Human rights have the rank of constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights in the internal legal order.

    Consequently the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court is becoming increasingly international. This gives applicants the chance to argue with decisions of other international courts.

    Due to this internationalisation of the jurisprudence profound experience with the European Convention of Human Rights und the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union can often be decisive before the Constitutional Court. This is where the specialisation of Dr. Weh is particularly valuable.