In his almost four decades as a court translator and interpreter and owner of a translation service for English, French and Spanish Dr. Weh has had to deal with all kinds of activities of speakers of these foreign languages in Austria and Austrians in the foreign countries where these languages are spoken. In addition Dr. Weh himself has studied and worked abroad.

In many cases a mandate for a translation has lead to a mandate for representation.

In addition quite a few mandates concern the special knowledge of Dr. Weh in European Union law and in human rights law.

Dr. Weh can assist his business clients in their activities to export goods and services.

Dr. Weh is capable of pleading freely in English, French and Spanish and has repeatedly done so in the past, lately in a live television broadcast of a Turkish TV Chain TNT 4 and before the Cour d'appel de Colmar and the European Court of Human Rights.

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