This field marks the top specialisation of our firm in which we act all over Austria and in the neighbouring countries.

This field of law has been blown up from two pages in the Federal Bulletin up to the end of the 1980ies to the one thousand book pages of the "foreign police package" in 2012 and is subjected to wide ranging "amendments" about twice a year. No lawyer in Austria knows these erratic texts with all their perfidies and contradictions better than Mag. Harg.

Dr. Weh is the specialist for the international fundamental rights of foreigners. He has already given speeches and lectures on this topic on three continents und publishes regularly in this field of law. Repeatedly he has successfully represented such clients before the European courts in Strasbourg and Luxembourg and before the Constitutional Court.

The main types of procedures are the following:

  • Requests for asylum, B-status and humanitarian visa in Austria
  • Residence requests
  • Expulsion procedures
  • Citizenship procedures
  • These procedures should be pursued with all energy from the very beginning without economising in the wrong place. A negative outcome or a prolongation of the procedure does not only cause stress and uncertainty, but also results in important economic losses. So a quality representation by counsel should be engaged from the very beginning.

    Our firm offers a first look at a fair price including an evaluation of the chances and costs.